Northern Arizona Chapter of Arizona Dressage Association
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The Northern Arizona Chapter of Arizona Dressage Association 
2022 Show Results

Below are High Point Winners for 2020/2021
Winners were calculated for combined years 2020 and 2021 (fewer shows due to COVID)

Classical Dressage​

Classical Intro AA    Jennifer Byron & I Know I'm Smart 

Classical Training  1 AA  Pat Albee  &  Keeper 

Classical Training  1 JR  Charlie Anne Warner   &   Thor the Mustang

Classical Training 2  AA   Sherry Nash  &   A Pleasure Indeed

Classical Training 2 JR  Charlie Ann Warner  & Thor the Mustang

Classical Training  3  JR   Tatum Johnson  &   Cleared Hot

Classical 1st Level 2  AA  Kay Turner  & Svenn

Classical 1st Level  3  AA    Nicole Howey  &  Formerly Prince                       

Classical 2nd Level  AA  Kay Turner   & Cindy Lou 

Classical 3rd Level  AA  Debbie Carson  & Gallagher

Classical 4th Level AA   Debbie Carson & Gallagher

Western Dressage

Western Basic AA   Sharon Petrone  &  Pretty Nifty Whiz