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Arizona Dressage Association
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Schooling Show
​May 18th - Judge: Krista Peek
Location: Chino Valley Equestrian Park

2024 Show & Clinic Schedule
(See Below for Forms)

March16th- Clinic- Equestrian Pilates, Kerry Picken
May 18th - Schooling Show- Krista Peek
June 1st- Clinic- Michell Combs
July 20th - Schooling Show- Dorie Vlatten-Schmitz
Sept 7th Schooling Show- Michell Combs

Schooling Show
July 20th - Judge - Dorie Vlatten-Schmitz
Location:Triple 3 Total Care Ranch, Chino Valley 

​June 1st - Michell Combs
Location: American Ranch, Prescott

Schooling Show
September 7th - Judge- Michell Combs
Location: Chino Valley Equestrian Park