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About Northern Arizona Chapter of Arizona Dressage Association

                                 Clinic Entries & Auditors
    To enter a clinic as a rider, email or mail the entry form below.  Click on the Paypal button and enter the amount        you owe.
      You may also contact Carol Lands at  928 420-4884
      Fill out the form below with the waiver and scan/email or mail it (click link). NEXT, pay for the clinic to save your 
      space.   Auditors should do the same, as we may be restricting the number of auditors. 
                    Lois Wittington, Dressage Clinic at Randi Wagner's ranch 

                                 SHOW & CLINIC ENTRIES                               

      To complete an Entry Form, click on the appropriate PDF form and
      the class/test codes. You can mail the form to NAC or scan and    
                        (No office fee for clinics)
   You will need to add up the total fees, and pay that amount. You do not need a  Paypal account to use
   it.    Please use the DONATE/Pay button on this page to make an electronic payment.  

    Clinics;      Whittington: $100/ride or 2 for $170           Paglia Clinic: $130    

    Regulations require that no horse may compete in more than 3  tests per show. 

    Each SHOW entry form (rider/horse combo) must include $15.00 office fee. CLINIC entries do not           require an office fee.

    Please observe current COVID 19 Guidelines. Only 3 persons per entry may attend, rider, trainer & groom.
    Participants and auditors will be responsible for social distancing at their discretion, as appropriate.

​    You may email the entry form to Kirsten at,

 Traci Zenner, 4950 W.Three Forks Road  , Prescott, AZ 86305   Make checks t o; NAC of ADA
For clinic fees, show fees and auditing fees, you can simply pay the amount you owe in the Paypal (Donate) portal on the left. Just enter the correct amount. We will contact you with an event memo.  You do not need a Paypal account to use it. Thank You!