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Calendar of Events 2021
MAY  8  2021

Schooling Show
at American Ranch
Closing date April 26, 2021

 Lynn Binkley "L" Judge

OCTOBER  2  2021

Schooling Show

at  American Ranch
Closing date 9/20​
Judge: Michell Combs
Dressage and Western Dressage "r" Judge​
Entry Forms

​      Ned Leigh Horse Communication  Symposium 

                         "Load the mind of the horse!”
        June 26th and 27th
 Callahan Ranch, Rimrock Ranch
   940 E. Latigo,  Paulden, AZ
  “We must first be a student of the horse before we can be his teacher." Ned feels that anyone with the desire to do so can learn the nature of a horse.
"If I didn't learn more than the horse each time we are together it was a waste of time for both of us!”

Ned’s Highly Acclaimed Clinic
Day 1 
 Building a Foundation of Communication with your horse.
  Ground training & loading prompts; “Load the mind of the horse”
Day 2
  Lots of Hands-on communicating with the horse to make the loading
  decision; Various loading techniques & prompts

            $45.00 per day  

Pre-Register and SAVE! Register by June 20th to save.  
   $40.00  per-day 

  Register via PayPal on or mail  check to NAC of ADA 
  C/O Traci Zenner 4950 W. Three Forks Rd Prescott, AZ 80605 

 LUNCH AVAILABLE/Order in advance on clinic entry form for $10.00 

 Demo Horses with Trailering Issues Needed.

     Northern Arizona Clinics:
   Ned Leigh Horse Communication
   Symposium   2 Days!
   June 26 & 27

  Working Equitation 
   August 27 & 28
      CLINIC  and Show at Chino Valley
       Equestrian Center 

   Bi- Member Meetings with
   Education Programs this summer! 

   Demonstrations by equine experts in the topics you want to hear. 
 Michell is both a licensed USEF ‘r’ Dressage & Western Dressage Judge, and a USDF ‘L’ graduate with distinction. Michell has been an owner, rider and competitor in Dressage for over 20 years. She has been judging Dressage and Western Dressage since 2008. Some of her accomplishments include earning her USDF bronze, silver, and gold rider medals, FEI Rider of the Year in 2013, as well as Third and Fourth Level State Champion and Second Level Rider of the Year.

   Michell Combs  "r" Judge for our October Show
Mark your Calendar NOW!    
             October 16th and 17th

           Cynthia Collins    

Musical Freestyle Clinic
All levels and both classical & western! 

 See what Cynthia can do!